View from West Midlands Police Helicopter

Photo of St Martins in Bull Ring from WMP Helicopter

St Martins in Bull Ring from WMP Helicopter, shown with their kind permission via Twitter

I thought you’d like to see this brilliant photograph taken from the West Midlands Police Helicopter!


The picture was obviously taken before the recent Bull Ring modification work began, and comes from the helicopter archives. It was shared via the helicopter Twitter account this afternoon, and when I tweeted them they kindly gave permission to use it on this blog.

If you use Twitter you too could follow them @WMP_Helicopter . Why? Well apart from occasional pictures from above the Midlands they tell people what they have been doing. Ever wondered what the helicopter was doing hovering overhead? This is the way to find out! It makes you realise what a great job they do. From following a stolen car, to searching for a missing child, to spotting people hiding on a roof from the Police on the ground (they climbed down once they realised they were spotted). It turns out they are also equipped to help evacuate the injured to hospital if necessary…as you can see in a photo here. And here is a photograph of the helicopter.

Karen Caine

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