Birmingham’s Biggest Balti Competition

The action took place in Chamberlain Square

The filming of the Birmingham’s Biggest Balti Competition by the Good Food Channel took place in sunshine in Chamberlain Square today (Thursday 16 June). The onlookers helped in the action and were later rewarded…..

Amongst the Judges were the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anita Ward, and well known singer/songwriter and musician Roy Wood ( a Birmingham lad) best known for leading the band Wizzard.

The two baltis were cooked in tubs at the scene and each yielded somewhere in the region of 600 litres of indisputably genuine Brummy vegetable balti curry.

The winner was the Sylhet Spice restaurant in Kings Heath with runner-up the Bay Leaf restaurant in Digbeth.

The onlookers were encouraged to cheer in all the right places and subsequently rewarded with a dish of balti and some naan bread.

Everyone seemed to enjoy taking part in the action and in partaking of the curry!

Below is a slideshow of the event. Below that is a gallery of the photos in the slideshow – click on an image to display a higher def. screen size version.

Article by Geoff Caine

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