Police Crack Down on Aggressive Beggars

Police man and woman smiling in sun lightThe Communications Officer of West Midlands Police tells me that:

“Officers have been conducting plain clothed patrols across the city centre today (15 June) in a bid to crack down on aggressive street beggars.  A total of three people were arrested during the operation – two for repeat offences and the other for a first time offence. We hope that shoppers, business owners and employees will feel reassured by our actions.”

Excellent to know, and more importantly to hear!, that the police are being pro-active as well as re-active, I think. Very reassuring to us citizens!

Personally I think it is so very important that we support and help them when we can.

Geoff Caine

3 thoughts on “Police Crack Down on Aggressive Beggars

  1. human2025

    Something definitely needs to be done about them. I’ve seen them literally chasing people down the road, frequently women, trying to bully them into handing over details. I had an incident last year with a well spoken lady shopper venting her rage on me at the bus stop at Dale End, apparently she’d encountered a succession of them while walking up High Street. On net I’d say they must be doing more harm than good to charities.

  2. Geoff Caine Post author

    I agree about the aggressive badly behaved chuggers. There are loads around Corporation Street, New Street and Union Street as you say. I see them out of windows of The Gym in Corporation Street trying to engage people although I must be fierce looking as they don’t bother me.
    The City Centre Partnership wants to encourage people who have been harassed by them to report instances to the local police on duty.

  3. human2025

    This is excellent news. I feel that the city centre is generally becoming a less attractive place to be as a result of the increasing number of beggars / homeless / care in the community unfortunates who surely should be receiving better treatment from the authorities.

    I would add that I would be very happy to see the activities of the charity muggers who operate in the city (typically union street area) kerbed, as their tactics are very intimidating to some (not me, I’ve got used to fending them off) and are surely not within acceptable guidelines.

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