Two Snowhill Construction Restarted

Two Snowhill artists impression

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Great News! Work has restarted on the stalled development of Two Snowhill which has been mothballed for over two years.

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Funding was originally by Anglo Irish Bank but the credit crunch ended that. Hines and Ballymore Group are jointly developing the 14 story office building.

It was announced last September that Ballymore was aiming to complete the project and that Wragge & Co would take up most of the floor space with a get out clause if the build is not completed by December 2013.

Two cores were completed before building was suspended, and these have been an unwelcome neighbour of the One Snowhill building and the other smart buildings in the Colmore Business District ever since.

The photos below show the cores and the ongoing erection of steelwork alongside Snowhill Station which is also happening at the other side of the building fronting onto Snowhill Queensway.

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For more details see the site.

For larger views, click on images below:

View from Livery Street over Snow Hill Station - two cores and the green One Snow Hill building

View from top floor of Show HIll Station car parkThe two cores from Snow Hill car parkClose up of steelwork under construction

Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Two Snowhill Construction Restarted

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  2. Dave Conroy

    Great to see this work restarted … been an eyesore for too long. In fact be also good to see something ‘stand out’ built on the Lionel Street car park, or at least some refurbishment as that is a real mess to locals and visitors alike, as is the bridge over the Queensway/Gt Charles Street. This area should be one to take notice of at the very heart of the city and its proximity to the Jewellery Quarter.

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