The City Council wants to change the on-street parking arrangements in Birmingham city centre. Specifically it wants to extend the current operational hours for the city centre Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) and introduce a charge for parking on the street on Sundays.

This plan shows the boundary of the city centre CPZ (Inner and Outer Zones).

Currently the city centre CPZ operates between 8:00am to 6:00pm every day meaning that waiting is not permitted on single yellow lines within the zone between these hours. The on-street parking charges within the CPZ operate between the same hours except there is currently no charge on Sundays.

Demand is increasing for on-street parking in the city centre in the evenings and on Sundays, but there are no charges or restrictions to encourage a turnover of spaces. This means that the on-street parking bays are used for long stay parking by local employees, whilst short-stay visitors, shoppers, etc. are finding it increasingly difficult to find a convenient on-street parking space. This in turn leads to motorists slowly circulating the streets hunting for an empty space, which can lead to congestion.

The Council therefore proposes to extend the operational hours of the city centre CPZ to 8:00pm every day and to introduce a charge for parking in the Inner Parking Zone in the evenings and on Sundays as follows:

Evenings — Monday to Saturday

6:00pm to 8:00pm — flat rate charge £3.00 (daytime charge will be £5.40 for 2 hours)


8:00am to 8:00pm – £2:00 for up to 2 hours (maximum stay will be 2 hours).

Furthermore the single yellow line waiting restrictions in the city centre CPZ will be extended until 8:00pm every day to avoid migration from the parking bays to the single yellow lines.

Charges have applied in the evenings and on Sundays at the Council’s car parks in the city centre for several years, but special rate charges apply. The Council anticipates that these proposals will result in more visitors choosing to park in the car parks, where in most cases CCTV and / or car park staff are provided, rather than on the street after 6:00pm as the charge will be the same whether they park in a car park or on the street. Also local employees, who will no longer be able to park on the street all day on Sundays, will be able to park for £3.00 all day in one of the Council’s car parks.

If you require any further information about the proposals or wish to make any comments, you can write by email to Bob Wilde (Property and Projects Manager On and Off-Street Parking) at parking@birmingham.gov.uk or to Parking Section, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham B4 7DQ.

They are asking for any comments you have no later than 1st July 2011.

And you can comment here and we can pass on your comments as the Neighbourhood Forum.


  1. Adrian

    same experience as mary. There are no clear signs on the Hagley Road coming into the city centre letting people know that yellow lines on Berkley St are not the same as the parking bay hours (6pm finish). A mealy mouthed letter saying I had no grounds but to pay £35 or £70 was all I got when I pointed out that the public can’t be expected to know of the 7.30pm single yellow line controlled parking zone without being a. a mind reader or b.fairly advised which BCC does not do! How much more is the council clawing in with this unreasonable traffic/parking managment? I guess a huge amount!!!

  2. Mary

    We are frequent visitors to Birmingham to go to the theatre, shopping, etc. and were recently given a parking ticket for parking on a single yellow line before 7.30pm (we parked at 6.50pm). We didn’t know that the operational times had changed. We checked for signs but were none anywhere nearby showing operational times. We appealed on that basis, but have been turned down and have paid the reduced fine, not wishing to risk taking it further. We are very disgruntled about this and feel that many visitors to Birmingham will have been caught this way. It’s not very welcoming!

  3. Sally

    There is no signage to explain that the times for parking charges has changed. As a Birmingham resident, why have I not been appropriately notified of these changes? I received a parking ticket for £50 last week and I am extremely annoyed. I shall not shop in Birmingham again and shop elsewhere. These charges are not about making parking easier for shoppers -v- employers, they are a change to increase revenue to the Council’s purse. There should have been appropriate dialogue with Birmingham residents before these changes were enforced!!!!!

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