Moving Holes!

We will soon see the first signs of work on the Metro extension in Birmingham city centre. Not dramatic signs, nor even particularly visible ones, except to the late birds amongst us, since it will be overnight work.
Centro is arranging to do some trial holes in some streets to establish the underground utilities which must be moved as the extension route is built.

The first two holes will appear in Stephenson Street on Monday 25th July – one at the junction with Ethel Street, the other just west of Navigation Street. Centro expect these two to take 4 hours between them at the most. They will then move into Lower Temple Street and carry out two or three more on the same night, depending how quickly they can be completed.

They will then make more holes in Lower Temple Street over 4 nights, between 25th and 28th inclusive, so representing a total of 12 holes, or 14 including the two on Stephenson Street.

There will be more tests in New Street, including one at the junction with Corporation Street. Centro will make these between 1st and 4th August, in which time they should be able to do a minimum of 16 holes.

Those of you who live in the area should see local posters with more information.

David Foster
(deputy chair, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum)