Library of Birmingham Update 29/08/11

Two major things have happened lately, which have changed the library for onlookers.
Glass panels are being fitted to form the outer walls and the metalwork panels are also being fitted outside the glass panels. below is a view of the front of the library and a closeup of the matalwork areas.

Library of Birmingham Front View

Library of Birmingham Metalwork Panels closeup(Click on images for larger views.)

To me the panels look better when viewed live rather than in the photos. Has anyone any opinions on how they look? If so please Leave a Reply (comment) below.

The second thing which has happened was over the August Bank Holiday when the smaller tower crane TC1 was dismantled and removed . This was the first crane to be erected (on 22 May 2010) and due to its height has now outlived its usefulness. Below is a photo of the final stage of the build followed by two views of the City side and back of the Library showing it before and after removal of the crane. This is followed by two pictures of the monster mobile crane which lowered the crane sections to the ground.

Erection of the smaller crane TC1 for the Library of BirminghamSide and rear view of Library of BirminghamSide and rear view of Library of BirminghamMonster mobile cane used to dismatle TC1Monster mobile cane used to dismatle TC1

(Click on images for larger views.)

Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Library of Birmingham Update 29/08/11

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  2. David Foster

    The filigree panels certainly look very good on the building. (Comments on the photographs would be unfair to your sterling work, Geoff, in documenting this project!)
    I also observe that there appears to be sufficient clearance behind the filigree for a window-cleaning cradle. I remember a question about window cleaning when the design was first revealed.
    Project also seems to be still on time; has anything officially been said about whether it is still within budget?
    David Foster

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