When will Peace Garden repairs take place?

St Thomas Church in Birmingham's Peace Garden, fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren

St Thomas Church in Birmingham’s Peace Garden, fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren

We were alerted back in early June by local resident Dr Sheila Bonas that the ruins of St Thomas’ Church in the Birmingham Peace Gardens had been fenced off. Sheila wondered what was going on, a concern shared by others as the remains are a well known local landmark at the corner of Holloway Head and Granville St. She pointed out that no work seemed to be under-way. Unfortunately this still seems to be the case today – three months later.

We asked contacts in the council what was happening, and a few days later had a response. It seems that when the council did it’s annual inspection of the site they thought it’s condition had deteriorated, and that it appeared some bits of the church could possibly even fall off. They commissioned a structural survey which confirmed that the site should be  fenced off from the public pending repairs. Back in June the council was awaiting the full report from the structural survey so that they could discuss with English Heritage how to proceed. It was emphasised to us that there is both the will and intention to do what is necessary to be able to reopen it properly.

We think, nevertheless, it is something to keep an eye on to make sure it isn’t left too long (deteriorating further), perhaps because of the economic climate. In addition we now understand that people appear to be accessing the ruined church, moving or bending the fencing and possibly sleeping inside. With the building in this condition, we are concerned that someone might get hurt. We are letting the council know about the fencing and possible risk, and also asking for an update.

When we hear more we will let you know – or if you have any news or comments please let us know below! Thank you!

Karen Caine

9 thoughts on “When will Peace Garden repairs take place?

  1. Erica Smith

    hello, i was informed after calling around that this monument is owned by the high ways agency. The funds cannot be sourced at present from this agency to repair it. It isnt listed and I am concerned that the option may be to remove it all together as this will be cheaper and the land valuable. I think something needs to be done to change it to a listed building and as such access funds to get it repaired once it has this status. How this happens I am not sure.

  2. karencaine Post author

    Hello, and thanks for your comment – at our request (City Centre Neighbourhood Forum) the Peace Gardens should be discussed at the next Ward Meeting on Thursday 26th – please see new post I just put on.

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  4. C. Matthews

    There has been a bit of a tidy up. Slight improvement – must do better. Look at the main exit onto Holloway Head with foot-high grass & weeds & paintwork on the ornamental metal gates peeling. Worse, the garden has become an open toilet for the dogs of local residents, many of whom have no intention of clearing up afterwards.

  5. C. Matthews

    The need for a full structural survey is hard to argue with, but what about the lack of maintenance & general condition of the area? It is disgraceful at the moment, with vandalised plaques, graffiti, weeds, etc. As so often, Birmingham City Council seems to lose interest in projects once they are complete, with no monitored plans for ongoing upkeep. We’ll shortly be receiving extra visitors for the Olympics & this area shames our City.

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  7. simon gray

    i’ve now spoken to The Relevant Chap, and he has re-stated that it is still the council’s intention to repair the building, but that the full survey they need is taking quite a long time to complete.

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