Peace garden – some action today

St Thomas Church in Birmingham's Peace Garden, fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren

St Thomas Church in Birmingham’s Peace Garden, fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren

We talked about the repairs needed to the church ruins in the Birmingham Peace Garden a few days ago. Simon Gray asked within the council for the latest news. You may have seen his comment:

“i’ve now spoken to The Relevant Chap, and he has re-stated that it is still the council’s intention to repair the building, but that the full survey they need is taking quite a long time to complete.”

Today we received more news from Dr Sheila Bonas, the local resident who originally told us about the fenced off ruins. (Thanks Sheila!) She says: “there is further news on the Peace Garden – I saw some workmen there this afternoon and asked what they were doing. They said that they were going to remove any loose masonry and do a safety survey to see what else is needed.”

Good to hear some progress is being made – we’ll let you know if we hear more. Please let us know if you hear news!

Karen Caine

2 thoughts on “Peace garden – some action today

  1. karencaine Post author

    I agree, it is certainly very helpful to us when people let us know what is going on. Both good and bad news. We on the Neighbourhood Forum committee try and help get resident views heard within a number of organisations such as the Business Improvement Districts, council departments such as Planning and Licencing, and with the Police – but to do that we need to find out what is happening and what other residents, apart from just ourselves, think and see. We hope this blog will increasingly help us do that. More comments please! Or email us using the ‘Contact Us’ page. Plus we will be announcing our next public meeting soon – so hope people will come to that and either talk to us or join us as volunteers getting actively involved.

  2. Robin Wallace

    That’s excellent news. Thank goodness for Dr Bonas. There are too many people (like me) who despair but do nothing by way of protest.

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