Lib Dem banner protest at ICC-Hyatt Bridge

Police were given a challenge around early evening today. Two people who wanted to make a point scaled the bridge linking the ICC and the Hyatt hotel and erected a banner as shown left just ahead of the Lib Dem Conference which starts tomorrow.

Geoff CaineHow on earth they managed to get there is astounding; the ICC is closed and cordoned off and, I assume, the Hyatt also has high security arrangements considering the number of high-profile delegates that will be staying there for the Lib Dem party Conference.

Many passers by thought the whole thing amusing, but it isn’t at all really and will have presented our poor overworked police force with a major problem, I suspect…. How do you get a pair of protesters down from a precarious position like that when you don’t know them and what their state of mind is?

They were protesting on behalf of NCAFC – National Campaign against Fees and Cuts –  which is a network of student and education worker activists.

I hope the whole thing was mischievous rather than anything more serious and had a soft ending today – young people like to show they can do anything that they are not supposed to do, it seems.

Geoff Caine

Some more photos (Click images for larger view):

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