Occupy Birmingham Protesters Move Again

The Occupy Birmingham protesters have moved from Victoria Square to  Civic Centre Gardens in Cambridge Street at the back of the new Library of Birmingham site.

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anita Ward, visited the group last week and asked them to make the move from Victoria Square because the German Market will soon arrive and needs the space in Victoria Square. The group agreed to move to the gardens, being helpful and peaceful, support the Market and needed little persuading.

If you’re passing by that way do call in on them, they’re very friendly and I know would appreciate a visit. After all, they are putting themselves out in a big way to try to achieve reforms to make a fairer society on behalf of 99% of the population.

Geoff Caine

Civic Centre Gardens, where the Occupy Birmingham group are now camped

One thought on “Occupy Birmingham Protesters Move Again

  1. John Evans

    I am John Evans a member of St. Thomas’ Old Scholars Association. Myself and the association chairman recently walked round the peace garden and were disgusted with the condition.

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