Library of Birmingham – Great News for High Flyers!

Photo taken 9 November 2011

I am told by my Carillion contacts that the Shakespeare Memorial Room will now have a glazed area at the front and provide a top of the building view over Birmingham and the West Midlands!

There will be an area at the front of the memorial room which will be glazed for 180 degrees giving views near and far to the East, round the South to the West (approx). This view from a height of just under 60 metres or 190 feet should be breathtaking! And, isn’t it about time Birmingham had such a viewing platform! The exact physical aspects of this I have yet to determine.

It has been said by Carillion from the start of construction that certain aspect of the structure will be varied along the project and I believe this is one such thing.

My contact was unsure of the access times and arrangements for this area and added that this perhaps has yet to be decided by the operational side of the library.

I think we should all encourage the Library powers-that-be to provide maximum access to this seemingly wonderful new aspect of the library.

So there will be three high level viewing areas (East is to the right in the photo, South is looking passed your viewpoint and West to the left) – A to the South and round the East side – B to the South, West, and North – C 180 degrees from East through South to West. Both A and B are open terraces. (Please note that for clarity of explanantion I have used the direction South but in fact the libary front points to the Sout East.)

Geoff Caine

3 thoughts on “Library of Birmingham – Great News for High Flyers!

  1. Geoff Caine Post author

    Thanks for the information Simon. The published plans and documents on the Planning website are painfully slow to view and most people will not have the time or attention span to look at them all in detail, so this particular detail can easily be missed.
    It is true though that the final details of the building are variable so, I look forward to seeing what the glazed area will provide at the end of the build.

  2. Simon Felton

    The plan for a glazed section in the Shakespeare memorial rotunda was always in planning application as shown in the planning application drawings; I don’t think it was widely communicated and unless anyone examined the plans they would have missed it. Architects Journal noted it in one of their articles on the library, “At the top of the building, the aluminium-clad rotunda will have a glass facade offering views south across Centenary Square and the city beyond”.

    I must admit to have already been working out how best to get an opportunity for a view from the facade since reading the Architects Journal article as I missed it in the plans.

    You can see the plan for the the glass facade which should be over 2m high on floor nine of my blog article showing the plans for each floor level,

  3. Geoff Caine Post author

    I’ve emailed my contacts asking who and how we should lobby to ensure free public access to this viewing area and will report back when I get a useful response.
    Meanwhile, if anyone has knowledge of any way of lobbying for the rest of us please add a comment to that effect below.

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