Car Robberies are happening locally as well as nationwide. Threats of violence are made!

Offenders have targeted car owners and have on occasion subjected them to threats and actual physical violence before stealing their cars!

The extent and seriousness of this was highlighted on the One Show on Wednesday 5 November. Two instances were presented:

  1. A recently retired man drove his Range Rover into his drive and left the engine running while he prepared to put it away. Unseen until too late an intruder entered the car and drove off, barely missing the man’s daughter who tried to stop him by reasoning with him. The man had bought the car as a present to himself on retiring. The insurance company would not reimburse him for the loss because he had left both keys in the car and the engine running.
  2. A lady drove her smart Audi car onto her drive outside her smart house. Having parked the car she was approached by a “hoody” who said “Give me the keys and I won’t hurt you.”  She very wisely handed over the keys and he drove off in the car. The insurance company gave her compensation for the loss.

The ITV reporter on the show had investigated what had happened to the cars.

Apparently there are so many containers being shipped from the UK that it is relatively easy to place a car in one and get it shipped to places like South Africa. The reporter followed the trail and found 15 cars in a warehouse with an estimated cost of at least £300,000. The police invaded and the cars were recovered. Apparently there is a big market for executive cars there – the rate paid is much lower than the UK but still worth the shipping costs.

Both of the above stolen cars were identified and the man had his returned to him, and was well pleased!!

These sort of anti-social crimes are easy to perpetrate when ordinary decent people are threatened with violence.

Secured car parks may recuce the risk but not by very much as you can easily be tail-gated into the car park then challenged for your car keys and car park fob.

The police advice in the document below is well worth a read. (Click for larger view.)

Geoff Caine

Police Notice re Car Robberies 20111207