Library of Birmingham Tower Crane TC2 Removal

Library of Birmingham - TC2 Removal Logistics 10th - 13th FebThis weekend TC2, the tallest tower crane used for the new library, will be dismantled……

The logistics of this can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail on the left.

TC2 was erected in July 2010 over a weekend, and is one of the tallest cranes in the country with a 100m mast and 89m jib.

Dismantling will take place this weekend starting on Saturday. This should be a very dramatic site especially as the mobile crane to be used to lower the TC2 sections is a 16 wheel monster capable of lifting 500 tons! It will be located in Centenary Square by the Library/Crescent Theatre intersection.

This is a massive logistical exercise with a stream of large lorries scheduled to arrive at the appropriate hour to cart away giant sections of TC2.

Cameras at the ready!

Geoff Caine