Morrisons Supermarket – Work Starting at Five Ways Site

 Morrisons iconAfter being granted planning permission last March for a cosmetically enhanced second submission, work has at last started on a new medium size Morrisons supermarket between Hagley Road and Harborne Road just West of the Five Ways junction complex…..

The supermarket will be 4,276 sq m, smaller than the recently built Tesco store at Spring Hill but still sizeable enough for a decent selection, I hope. The complex will also include 5 retail shops and some offices.

You can see the planning permission on the Council Website.

I imagine it will take about 1 year to build. Meanwhile the burning question is “Will the Five Ways Tesco supermarket remain?” The Spring Hill branch probably serves a different area to the Five Ways one, but will Morrisons dilute the custom sufficiently to make closure the only solution.

Is there a battle looming or has it already been fought with Morrisons coming out victor?

Geoff Caine