Big City Plan Update – the Eastside Masterplan

Big City Plan LogoBirmingham City Council has issued another document describing its vision for the future of the Eastside of Birmingham City Centre. This is one of the Five Areas of Transformation in the of the Big City Plan, which is a developing initiative.
The latest document is 40 pages long!  It’s a very good document, though, with much more details than in previous ones. There’s lots of artists impressions and photos of current scenes – well worth a read!
This is a vision, and there will be consultations as the details develop. You can give your opinions and ideas:
Contact – Development Directorate, Birmingham City Council
Call: 0121 303 4507
View the document.

Geoff Caine

4 thoughts on “Big City Plan Update – the Eastside Masterplan

  1. john

    Couldn’t agree more, this city is a joke and run by tinpot glory seeking imbeciles.
    This is one reason we maybe should have an elected mayor, who can push the council and party squabblers to one side and move the city forward.

  2. Dave roberts

    So more expensive consultant /estate agent well prepared yet unfinancable ideas .When will this city wake up to the fact that without a prosperous industrial infrastructure it will not encourage development on this grand scale ,development that competes with other ambitious Birmingham ideas like the Jewelery Quarter,the old Library site ,the old ATV studio site ,The open car park in Gt Charles Queensway, The BeormaQuarter In Digbeth to name but Agnew all competing for precious finance and viable development.And whilst at it – who,s been lately to Manchester vying for the second city reputation ,great tram system ,excellent rail station ,an airport where it behaves and looks like an international airport(where it is not penalising it,s customers to set down from cars ) and sorry to have to mention it but 2 terrific football teams! There is much to do in Birmingham but it has to think much bigger than it does if ,on the world stage , it is to be taken seriously.

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