Local Election Results

The turnout overall in Birmingham was 28.35%.

Birmingham Says NO to an Elected Mayor
The results are out, and 57.8% voted No and hence 42.2% voted Yes.
Votes No=120,611 Yes=88,085 Unmarked=4,757 Both boxes marked= 627.
So, Birmingham will continue to be governed by a political Leader and his Cabinet (See below).

My opinion: I think this is a sad day for Birmingham. Liverpool and Bristol will flourish where we will struggle for funds and Government support. We need a Boris!

Council Seat Results
The results are:

Labour 77 (+20)
Conservative 28 (-11)
Lib Dem 15 (-9)

So Labour gained overall control of Birmingham City Council from Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition. Share of the vote: (51% Labour, 24% Conservative, 14% Liberal Democrat)
Kath Hartley, in this poll the only Ladywood Labour Councillor seeking re-election, was successful.
The others continuing as Ladywood Councillors are Sir Albert Bore (Leader of the Labour Group of Birmingham City Council) and Carl Rice.

We have a new Leader of the Council – Sir Albert Bore returns as leader!
One of our three elected Ladywood Councillors, Sir Albert has returned as Leader of Birmingham City Council, a position he held from 1999 to 2004.
He has had a distinguished career to date in public life and was once a lecturer in Nuclear Physics at Aston University.
See Wikipedia for more of his history.


Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Local Election Results

  1. John McDermott

    Me too. I agree. It needed an influental figure who would have appealed across the political spectrum!

  2. David Foster

    I, too, voted for an elected mayor. A major reason for the rejection was, in my view, that we didn’t have a Boris as a candidate! If eg. Digby Jones did been a candidate, the result could have been very different!

    David Foster

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