NIA Planning Application

You might like myself, have received a letter from the Council notifying the NIA Planning Application.

Should you wish to comment on this application you must do so by Thursday 2 August. You can view the application hereand the documents relating to the application can be seen here. (I have saved you time by navigating the maze of options in the link given in the Council’s letter.)

*If you want to comment click on Add Comments Here near the top of the page displayed using the link at * above.

I suppose it is the external appearance of the proposed revamped building which we mainly might want to comment on as passers-by. These can be viewed by clicking on the four links at the bottom of the related documents page. These artists impressions are, of course, intended as marketing material to help get the Planning Application through and are therefore very flattering as regards the saturation and hue of the colours and the overall lighting. (The download of each one is slow but well worth waiting for.)

Geoff Caine