Are you concerned about the lack of Peace Garden repairs? Ward meeting on Thursday!

St Thomas Church in Birmingham's Peace Garden, fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren

St Thomas Church in Birmingham’s Peace Garden as it looked last year, newly fenced off. Photograph by Ian Warren. More recent pictures to follow soon!

More than a year after it was first fenced off pending a survey, the ruins of St Thomas’ Church in the Birmingham Peace Gardens are still fenced off, in case they are dangerous, and pretty overgrown. We are aware this is a matter of concern for nearby residents, and have asked for it to be raised at the next Ladywood Ward meeting on:

Thursday 26 July 2012 at 7pm

Ladywood Health & Community Centre,

St Vincent Street West, B16 8RP

If you share the concerns, please try to come to the meeting to help us show our councillors that resident feeling is strong! If you can’t come in person, please comment below so we can pass your message on (or write to our councillors directly  ,  , )

It seems a shame that this well known local landmark at the corner of Holloway Head and Granville St.  has been allowed to get in this mess, and seems to be being left to deteriorate further.

You may have seen this recent comment from C. Matthews on a previous story on this site,  saying:

“There has been a bit of a tidy up. Slight improvement – must do better. Look at the main exit onto Holloway Head with foot-high grass & weeds & paintwork on the ornamental metal gates peeling. Worse, the garden has become an open toilet for the dogs of local residents, many of whom have no intention of clearing up afterwards.”

Hopefully our councillors will be able to update us with the latest news on Thursday.

To save you the pain of trying to find additional details of the meeting on the council website (it took me getting on for half an hour to find them) you can read details, agenda, and other related documents here.

Karen Caine

5 thoughts on “Are you concerned about the lack of Peace Garden repairs? Ward meeting on Thursday!

  1. Aaron Whitehouse

    Successive Birmingham City Councils have been responsible for the destruction of this great city since Herbert Manzoni was installed as the city surveyor in 1935. They have been slowly, methodically and quite wilfully going about taking it apart ever since …. The city centre is both a joke and the laughing stock of the country ….

  2. John Evans

    I am John Evans and a member of St Thomas’ Old Scholars Association.
    The chairman and I walked around the garden a few weeks ago to look at the
    tree planted in memory of Hilda Brown our founder,we were upset with the state of the garden it is about time something was done

  3. Andrew Shiel

    As a local resident and seeing that there is a lot of money being spent in the regeneration of the Lee Bank area, it is such a shame to see such a beautiful building as the St. Thomas ruins being left to deteriorate and an insult to the people in which the peace gardens are in memory of as well as the people who spent so much time and effort on the original upkeep of the area. The peace garden and original St. Thomas building should be a ‘gateway’ to the regeneration of the area and should stand proud and beautiful for all to see. I would love to see money spent on this area so that once again it can be enjoyed by all and another landmark for Birmingham, being beautiful by day and beautifully lit at night.

  4. john

    The council are a disgrace, which ever party is in power they bloat about what they have done for Birmingham yet can’t even maintain memorials like this. They are deluded if they think they do a good job for the city, they make us look a joke city.
    If this was London it would have been rebuilt after the war.
    We need green space in the city centre which the council also says we need, then they let it fall into ruin.
    Shame we can’t take an enforcement case to court against the council.
    This city is a farcical place to live run by third rate leaders.

  5. Elizabeth Way

    Although I am not a local resident, I live in Moseley, I feel strongly about the Peace Garden both because of its nature and because for many years as a member of CND I have been involved in arranging and taking part in events concerned with international peace. These have been curtailed recently because of the fenced off areas. Birmingham should be proud to have the Peace Garden, where some years ago a group of survivors from the Hiroshima bombing persisted in the planting of a memorial cherry tree. The garden should be seen as an excellent education resouce for all the schools in the city and further afield. I hope that funds can be found to bring the garden back to a condition in which it can be fully used for this purpose.

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