City Centre Cycling Strategy – public input

Birmingham City Council Transportation have just started the development of a City Centre Cycling Strategy, to look at the role cycling can play in the city centre within the (Middle) Ring Road, and including crossing points of the Ring Road. They want to identify priority routes for cyclists – which can include roads, public squares, towpaths, etc. They are asking for the opinions of cyclists and those who would like to cycle. Either ideas for good routes, or details of hazardous areas, would be welcome. Any matter relevant to city centre cycling can be included.

Please email comments to and put City Centre Cycling Strategy in the subject line, preferably by  Friday 19th October if possible.

(Many thanks to one of our readers, Stefan, for alerting us to this council request).

Karen Caine

2 thoughts on “City Centre Cycling Strategy – public input

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  2. John H Melbourne

    I hope the strategy will include effective action to prevent cyclists riding recklessly and speeding on footways and in pedestrianised zones.

    As a mobility-impaired pedestrian, I am more than a little fed-up of the lack of consideration shown towards pedestrians by those cyclists who insist on riding in such areas, despite being obviously quite experienced and old enough to ride on carriageways.

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