Election of (PCC) Police and Crime Commissioner – Further Information

PCC Leaflet

This is a very important role and we need to get the right candidate elected.

The Polls close at 10pm today! You can read about the new PCC role and what the candidates stand for by Clicking here.


Furthermore, if you are concerned about the validity of introducing privatisation into the Police Force using large organisations like G4S, then read on….

The prospective candidates for today’s election have recently been emailed by local citizens using the 38 Degrees (See * below) model and analysis of responses.

Essentially, the questions posed were:

      • Can you promise not to privatise West Midlands police services?
      • Will you allow companies like G4S to get involved in the running of West Midlands police?
      • Do you have any connection to companies that might be interested in police contracts?

The responses obtained by 38 Degrees were:

Bill Etheridge (UKIP):
I will never privatise West Midlands Police. Thats a definite promise

I will not allow private companies to have involvement in running the police

I have no involvement or links to any private companies like G4S

Bob Jones (Labour):
1 ) I have consistently voted against the Business partnership for the Police Privatisation process & have committed myself from the start that BPP will end and core policing services will be accountable to the community not to private shareholders.

2) i will totally review procurement arrangments to bring in ethical/international law compliance criteria plys support for local economy re local suppliers & apprentices

3) My only shareholdings are in the Severn Valley railway which has no plans to get involved in Police privatisation. I have no other connections with any business enterprise.

Cath Hannon (Independent):
Thank you for your e-mail, as your West Midlands PCC I will review processes & procedures across the force area to increase efficiency and provide the public a better standard of service. You can see issues I have raised regarding privatisation at http://www.cathhannon4pcc.com/hot-topics.html.

With regard connections to companies that might be interested in West Midlands Police contracts I have none.

Derek Webley (Independent):
I believe a visit to my webpage http://www.derekwebley.co.uk would help to address the issues raised below and give a more indepth view of my manifesto

Matt Bennett (Conservatives):
No response forwared to office

Mike Rumble (Independent):
I have promised from the start of my campaign, that I support in-sourcing not out-sourcing. To make it clear, NO, I do not support privatization of any of the West Midlands Police services. I have also stated my support for the federation and unions and have completed the Unison questionnaire to that effect. My pledges are costed and deliverable, not vote catching sound bites.

I will not allow any privatization, G4S, Serco, Amey or whoever.

I do not have any connection with any company that might be interested in police contracts.

Ayoub Khan (LibDems):
No response forwarded to the office

*About 38 Degrees:

Quote: “38 Degrees is the one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, with over 1 million members. We share a desire for a more progressive, fairer, better society and come together to decide which issues we campaign on and the actions we‘ll take to help us achieve that.”

This article by:Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Election of (PCC) Police and Crime Commissioner – Further Information

  1. Geoff Caine

    They were formulated as suggestions only, by 38 Degrees, but emailed by citizens and replies copied back to 38 Degrees who analysed them.
    38 Degrees researches possible issues and asks people, if they agree, to support them on matters they think should be publicly aired in polls and petitions.

    My opinion on this is:

    Such petitions have been so widely supported – by posting over 100,000 signatures on e-petitions to the Number 10 site – as to force parliament to debate several issues and moderate the Government’s approach. This is a good thing and a desirable part of free speech and a democracy.
    Any comment on Government reforms and changes can be regarded as political, and who of us is not political in this sense? Also, what is voting in official elections if not politically motivated?

  2. C. Matthews

    Who formulated the questions for the Police Commissioner candidates? For a ‘non-political’ Forum, these seem to have a very definite political bias – against ‘privatisation’, for example.

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