Please complete questionnaire – closing Monday!

Please complete the Ladywood Community First funding questionnaire we described a few days ago! If you are a Ladywood Ward resident or from a Ladywood organisation, we really need to hear your opinions so we can allocate money the way our community would prefer, instead of just according to what our committee thinks. This is your chance to influence which groups and organisations receive support. What should our priorities be?

You can complete the questionnaire here.

Please fill in in straight away as we need to close it on Monday 25th February! It only takes a few minutes.

Thank you very much for your help.

Karen Caine

City Centre Neighbourhood Forum,
and Ladywood Community First Panelist

2 thoughts on “Please complete questionnaire – closing Monday!

  1. karencaine Post author

    Oh dear, sorry about that. I don’t know why. Thanks for trying though. What happens when you click on ‘You can complete the questionnaire here’? Karen



    Tried to complete your questionnaire, but despite the guidance cannot open it

    Nigel Smithson

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