Do Sainsbury’s Selly Oak Plans Ignore National and Local Guidelines?

Sainsbury’s and their partners Land Securities have submitted a new outline plan for their proposed redevelopment of waste land in Selly Oak. The ¬†Worcester & Birmingham canal runs alongside this and is in dire need of enhancement as this stretch lets down the rest of the canal which elsewhere provides a picturesque approach to Birmingham centre for the multitude of visiting narrow boaters.

However, their new plans are much diluted in community benefits and are very unpopular with some.

Read more and see what you think.

2 thoughts on “Do Sainsbury’s Selly Oak Plans Ignore National and Local Guidelines?

  1. David Foster

    As well as the obvious improvements needed to the Birmingham/Worcester canal at this point, there will be huge benefits in the future if the Lapal branch can be fully opened up. The new proposals would shut down this option for ever – well, for as long as Sainsbury etc occupy the site. An extended waterfront site ought to be a real benefit to Sainsbury.
    Go complain!

    David Foster

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