Library of Birmingham Site Snapshot June 2013

Site Snapshot June 2013Carillion has released this snapshot of the new library to us.

Excitement is rising in anticipation of the opening on 3 September.

Agree with it or not, like it or not, it’s here!

Through meetings with key managers at the Library, we have it on good authority that Birmingham City Centre community groups are being encouraged to develop Heritage Projects – be they historical,  cultural or forward-looking (which can win funding from the National lottery) – to draw in the local community and produce  a centre for informing and engaging them. Ideas are welcomed by any group. More on this in future articles.

If you have any ideas on what will make the new Library of Birmingham become a centre for local groups and communities –  how they can be encouraged and facilitated –  as well as ideas for a symbol of modern Birmingham, please leave a comment below.

Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Library of Birmingham Site Snapshot June 2013

  1. David Foster

    There’s a great free smartphone app now available – “Dozens & Trails”, created from the Library resources.
    I found it intriguing, amusing and genuinly informative.

  2. David Foster

    I have a vision (no! not a dream!) that the ground floor public places could become a meeting place for local people. just to chat. An alternative to ‘the pub’ because it’s a single distinctive location. It would need to be open during the evenings, say, till 8 pm.

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