Petition to Increase BBC Midlands Share of Program Production

This may be something you would want to support. Following below is the gist of it.

The Campaign for Regional Broadcasting Midlands, is a community grassroots campaign that aims to promote the Midlands as a place to create and make television, radio and film.

There has been a gradual migration away from the Midlands region by the major broadcasters and as a result this important, diverse and highly populated region is now virtually absent from the airwaves.

The Midlands contributes 25% of the licence fee but the BBC spends only 2% of its budget in the Midlands region. This cannot be right or fair – it matters where programmes are produced! The BBC itself calculates that for every £1 it spends, £2 pounds is generated in the wider economy. That means the Midlands is missing out on hundreds of millions of pounds.

If you think it’s time for the BBC to live up to its words, stop cutting and give the Midlands the investment in production it deserves, then add your name to this petition, and fight for a fair share of BBC production in the Midlands:

Click on

Geoff Caine

3 thoughts on “Petition to Increase BBC Midlands Share of Program Production

  1. denwaar

    We need to bring back local programmes to Birmingham. Anybody remember Telly Addicts with Noel Edmonds?
    Also that famous drama Nuts In May.

  2. Keith Bracey

    The BBC has done nothing for Birmingham since closing Pebble,Mill and that piffling little presence at The Mailbox is a mere sop to the West Midlands as BBC executives think their future lies in Manchester…..shame on you BBC for ignoring us!

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