Floating Market Comes to Local Waterside


One of the boats spotted today

From today (27 September) to next Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, a collection of canal boats coming from far and wide are gathered on the local canal.

The canal traders, who largely live on their boats, are selling their wares from the boats and there’ plenty of variety – craft jewellery, pottery, canal objects, and others.

The boats are moored on both sides of the canal between the NIA car park and Symphony court and stretching from Sheepcote Street bridge to the next bridge outside the National Sealife Centre plus some round the corner towards the Waterside/Symphony Hall bridge.

This is billed as the UK’s largest  floating market by the Canal & River Trust – they beckon you to “Join in the fun as Birmingham’s waterfront comes alive with visitors, traders and all the fun of the fair.”

Worth a visit.

Geoff Caine

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