Repairs underway at the Peace Garden?

PeaceGarden-0525Thanks to Dr Sheila Bonas for an update on St Thomas Church in the Peace Garden – it looks like repairs may finally be underway! She says “there were two guys up on the clock tower yesterday, and they’ve put up a banner for Heritage Stone Access.” We had been told the repairs would start in the summer “so it’s a bit later than expected but good that it may finally be underway? I guess the guys working up there are going to be a bit cold and wet!” Here’s hoping it all goes well.




2 thoughts on “Repairs underway at the Peace Garden?

  1. Donald Coldrick

    As a child I can recall the church in its complete state and, returning from evacuation, playing in the rubble of the damaged section. I was a post war pupil at St Thomas’ School and lived in the flat above the Midland Nerve Hospital where my parents were caretakers As you can imagine, The pictures of the remaining tower/spire brought back many memories and despite living in Sussex, have resolved to revisit on my next visit to Birmingham.
    Donald Coldrick

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