Review of the Floating Market

The Herb Boat (and spices)If you missed the Floating Market I posted about recently, then you missed a real treat.

This had everything – the Chairman of the Canal and River Trust opening the event, our West Midlands Waterways Manager and other celebs. of the canal world.

But the real stars of the show where the boat traders. The home crafted products they were selling were really, really outstanding, especially the jewellery and nic-nacs – and so much to choose from too. If you were a lady visitor you would have finally treated the poorer of pocket but richer of spirit.

This is a major success also for our area of Birmingham – all grist to the mill of Birmingham city centre being the place to live.

It is to come again next year, so do try not to miss it!

Read all about it and see the images on my website – click here for a visual treat.

Geoff Caine

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