Birmingham Mobility Action Plan – Update


Logo by Birmingham City Council

The consultation details on this have now been published.

The consultation starts today, Monday 25 November, and finishes on Friday 24 January.

Visit the link here to read how to take part in the consultation and give your views.

The good news is that there is now a summary of the 110 page consultation green paper which you can download from:

BMAP Green Paper – Summary

This is a much more manageable 20 pages. Click here to read my original post on BMAP.

Please add a constructive comment below giving your opinions on the various aspects of the plan giving the benefits and downsides of proposals as you see them.
This will hopefully act as a catalyst for others to give consideration to this far reaching plan which could impact on city life in good and bad ways depending on peoples’ circumstances.
Geoff Caine

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