Ladywood Crime Figures for January 2014

Photo By West Midlands Police

Photo By West Midlands Police

The local police have issued the statistics below.

      Crimes in Ladywood for January 2014

Robbery – 5 Robberies occurred within the Ladywood/Leabank area

2 – Graston Close/Crosby Close (Vehicles)

1 – Bell Barn Road ( mobile phone)

1 – Wheeleys Lane (mobile phone)

1 – Ladywood middleway (mobile phone

Some of these offences involved the use of knives and most offences occurred at the beginning of the month. There has only been one attempted robbery (mobile phone Ledsam Street) in the last 18 days this appears to be an isolated incident and the method is not similar to the other offences.

Burglary – 9 burglaries within Ladywood, majority have gained access through the rear of the properties during the early hours.

2 –  Barford Road

1 – Marroway Street

1 – Clark Street

1 – Sherbourne Street

1 – Ledsam Street

1 – Dudley Road

1 – Monument Road

1 – Hagley Road

Vehicle Offences 5 (cars broken into and items stolen) occurred in the underground car parks in the Jupiter complex at Ryland/Sherborne Street. The offender was caught and charged, no offences reported since.

All areas of Ladywood and Lee Bank have seen some incidents of stolen number plates. We have some of the anti theft screws if required, these can also be purchased from Halfords.


Geoff Caine

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