Peace Garden now as it should be

Peace Garden - the sign to look for in Bath Row.The Peace Garden has at last been restored, thanks to the strenuous and unrelenting efforts of Councillor Carl Rice, one of our hard working Councillors.

For a long time the relic of St Thomas’ Church had suspect stonework and so had to be cordoned off and the surrounding lawned areas were neglected.

St Thomas' Church as it was for a long time.

But  now a wonderfully tranquil garden has been given new life. Here, city centre residents can seek peace and find relief from the stresses of modern day life.

After much prolonged pressure by Carl the Council has made the brickwork of St Tomas’ secure, removed the do-not-enter-railings and signs, and put the surrounding gardens onto the schedule of regular gardening in the city.

It is located in Bath Row on the site of the churchyard and nave for St Thomas’ Church which was mostly destroyed by bombing in World War II. It contains a  Colonnade with memorial plaques honouring brave soldiers lost in the wars of the last century.

Today I found school children being shown around the site, obviously to give them a sense of history and the reason for the peace Garden.

My photos from today are below…

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Article by Geoff Caine


3 thoughts on “Peace Garden now as it should be

  1. Carl Rice

    Thanks to all the City Centre residents who kept up the pressure too. A local councillor’s voice is much louder when combined with local residents!

  2. Matthew

    Someone once told me that the clock shows the moment the bombs hit the church.

    Well done Cllr Rice and all involved. Just got to complete the regeneration of the area around it now!

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