Midland Metro News May 2014

New tram as will be seen in Stephenson Street.As a total layman in such matters, I’m amazed at how much preparation work is required on the roads in order to accommodate the tram tracks.

It involves re-siting and replacement of mains services but also stripping back and building back up to form the correct infrastructure to support the trams.

It has taken an age, it seems, and I’ve been  looking forward for some considerable time to seeing the tracks embedded in the street.  At last!  some parts of the track are starting to appear in their final form, eg, in Bull Street and soon in Colmore Circus. The recent closure of the circus should end on Monday – fingers crossed, as there still seems to be a lot of work left to do even though miracles have been worked by the Balfour Beatty project team.

The modifications to the Stephenson Street entrance to Waterstones book store are also now taking shape after a deal of excavation and preparation. These changes should  increase safety for pedestrians, enhance the character of the corner and provide easier access to the shop for rail station travelers passing by.

Balfour Beatty has issued their April 2014 Month End Bulletin, shown below, which gives a recent history and their plans for May. I love the aerial shots which show what a cityscape Birmingham has that we don’t often see.

Below the bulletin are my photos taken recently.

To get a large view of each image below, click twice in the image.

Balfour Beatty BCCE BB Bulletin April 2014-1 large


Balfour Beatty BCCE BB Bulletin April 2014-2 large

My photos down on the ground

(If you haven’t seen my galleries before, click here to find out how to get the best out of the photos.)

Article by Geoff Caine

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