Drop-in Session Wednesday 21 May

sky divingThe following comments on the 21 May Drop-in Session have been provided by David Foster and are his personal notes and not official minutes.

We had a valuable discussion about some (very) local issues on Wednesday evening (May 21).

John McDermott brought us up-to-date on discussions with the City Council officers about the plans for Centenary Square including ideas for helping them to keep within budget while maintaining a community-friendly atmosphere in the square.

The work on Paradise Forum is broadly on schedule though the start of demolition work may be slightly delayed (into January 2015). We noted that the images of the rebuilt Chamberlain Square in the old Central Library windows appeared to omit the greatly beloved Thomas Attwood statue at ground level. We will take any available chances to register our concern.

Although the numbers of rough sleepers in the City Centre is down, there have been some blatant offenders. Please report any instances to the Police, as advised elsewhere in these messages.

For further information why not come to the next Drop-in Session to be held in June? (The date will be published on this website once it has been set).

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