Be Heard Consultation Database

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Be Heard is a Birmingham City Council website containing information about Public Consultations carried out by the Council .

Image is a BCC logo.

Here you can search for local matters that interest you and find out if the Council is holding or has completed a consultation. There is a full description of each, a link to an online survey where you can give your views and the results of completed consultations.

To search for a matter of interest to you, go to the Find Consultations page.

The search box in the Search for Consultation area is very powerful, similar in its wealth of relevant search results to a Search Engine like Google would produce from the database.

enter a post code of an area and find out which consultations affect that area either specifically or with others around.
enter one or more key words that could be used to describe your matter of interest.

The search results are than displayed as a list of subjects showing Subject Title plus a summarised description of each.

In addition there is an Advanced Search. Click on this to display a set of search criteria each having a drop down list to select from to make the search results list more relevant to your interest.

Having displayed your search results, click on a Subject Title to display all details of the consultation. Within this you will find a full description of the consultation followed by a Give Us Your Views section containing a link to the Online Survey, if still open.

For completed consultations there are details of the consultation and subsequent actions plus a Feedback section with a We Asked, You Said, We Did breakdown.

There is also a We Asked, You Said, We Did page, which lists recently completed consultations.

I see this as a real step forward in citizen consultation.

Article by Geoff Caine

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