Birmingham Cycle Revolution – Progress and Consultation

_MG_5298The Birmingham Cycle Revolution is an initiative by Birmingham City Council (BCC).

This will make it easier and safer for people to cycle in the city.

In August 2013 their bid for a Department for Transport Cycle City Ambition Grant was successful. They obtained a grant of £17million which they have topped from their own funding to deliver cycling improvements worth £24.3million.

This money enables the BCC to deliver the first phase of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution.

More information is available from:

Progress and Consultation

The BCC’s Birmingham Cycle Revolution team has issued the following update on this high-profile city initiative…

With £24.3m to invest in cycling in Birmingham in the next 2 years, The Birmingham Cycle Revolution team have been very busy.  Here’s a brief summary of what’s happening and how you can give us your views on what’s planned.

 Making main roads safer for cyclists

A number of key main roads in and out of the city will be improved in the next two years.  Plans have been designed to create fast and direct routes for cyclists, with nearby, quieter parallel routes.  These include:

  • North West Birmingham:

o   Holyhead Road, Soho Road, Soho Hill, Hockley Hill, Great Hampton Street, Constitution Hill and Old Snow Hill;

o   Parallel routes serving the City Hospital, Winson Green and All Saints areas;

  • South West Birmingham:

o   A435 Alcester Road;

o   Parallel routes serving Billesley Common and Woodstock/Woodlands Road areas;

o   A38 Bristol Street / A4540 Ring Road to Five Ways;

o   Parallel route serving the University to City Centre corridor;

o   B4124 Harborne Road; and

o   Augustus Road parallel route.

You can find out more about the plans, which could have impacts on parking, loading and junctions in some locations, and give us your views at:

Consultation closes on Friday 15 August.

Reducing traffic speeds to 20mph in residential areas

We’ve been consulting with local residents on some pilot schemes for the introduction of 20mph speed limits in areas of Central South and Central East Birmingham.  Slower speeds will make cycling and walking much safer for everyone. 

More information is available from

Cycling Design Guidance

The City Council has brought existing cycling design best practice together in ‘Birmingham Cycling Design Guidance’. This will be used by highway designers and engineers to inform all the design work that is done as part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution.

You can have a look at the draft guidance and provide your feedback here

Bicycle the film

Birmingham Cycle Revolution has supported the production of a fantastic new film all about Britain’s love of the Bicycle.  It was produced here in Birmingham. Find out where to view it and how to help publicise it at


As you can see, the revolution has begun! We look forward to keeping you up to date with the exciting developments still to come.


You can also find the consultations by using the BCC Be Heard website’s Find Consultations page and using key words of “cycle revolution” plus any others to focus the search and reduce the list of subjects found. See post of 15 July on this website for an explanation of the Be Heard website.


3 thoughts on “Birmingham Cycle Revolution – Progress and Consultation

  1. Paul Flood

    If the canals is a sign of things to come then BCC has got it spot on , a great job well done to make cycling on the canals a pleasure ….. Let’s hope the major routes into the city centre get the same attention , in particular the hagley road , which is a dangerous road even in a car , for cyclists it’s woeful .
    For me I have to cycle from Quinton to selly oak and then join the canal rather than risk the Hagley road .
    But well done BCC for the good work on the canal routes .

  2. keithbracey

    While BCC are messing around with the Hagley Road corridor for the new Sprint trams/buses why not put in cycle paths along the wide Hagley Road pavements along the length of the Hagley Road…..?

    I for one would certainly cycle along the Hagley Road SAFELY along dedicated cycle lanes rather than dice with death on what is a very fast road…….

    How about it #Birmingham City Council…..?

    This measure would take many car journeys off the Hagley Road as people from Bearwood, Quinton and Halesowen would cycle into #Birmingham using safe cycle lanes……then we could truly say we are a CYCLE CITY!

  3. dave roberts

    Birmingham could do with a state of the art velodrome don’t you think ?That would really cement Birminghams claims to cycle revolution!

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