5000 Ice Figures Commemorate Centenary of WW1

OD4A5342At 1pm on Saturday 2 August the people of Birmingham helped commemorate the centenary of WW1 by creating a monument of ice figures.

5000 men and women made of ice were arranged by those present around the steps in Chamberlain Square. The street-art event was to honour not only those who fought in WW1 but those who contributed including families who made a sacrifice.

As the thousands of ice figures are placed on the steps the memory is shared by those placing them and hundreds of onlookers – everyone could take part by diving into the 10 freezers for their own figures and locating them on the stone steps ready to melt.

The melting monument was created by Brazilian artist NĂ©le Azevedo and presented by the Birmingham Hippodrome.

Judging by the smiling faces, everyone seemed to enjoy participating in the event, in spite of the rain!

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