“Sprint” News 12 August 2014


More information has now become available from Centro on the proposed “Sprint” Rapid Transport System. The following has been gleaned from published literature and from Centro personnel.

Routes Currently Planned:

Birmingham city centre to Quinton via Paradise Circus, Broad Street and Hagley Road by 2016/17 at a cost of £15 million.

The 17 stops along this route are:

Colmore Row Terminus
Edmund Street – Centenary Square – Broad Street – Edgbaston Shopping Centre –
Along Hagley Road: – start – Chad Road – intermediate – Rotton Park Road – Sandon Road – Bearwood Bus Interchange – intermediate – Wolverhampton Road – Innkeeper’s Lodge hotel – Quinton Church
Ridgeway Avenue Terminus Stop

Birmingham City Centre to the Airport via Coventry Road taking in the HS2 Interchange and Birmingham International train station by 2021 at a cost of £50 million.

Funds are already secured or earmarked by Centro and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership).

Getting Onboard:

There will be a “turn-up-and-go” timetable [I assume this means that there is no published timetable].

Journey times will be based on light rail systems (trams) because of priorities over other traffic.

At-stop waiting facilities will be of a high quality.

The Vehicles:

Engines will be diesel/electric hybrids conforming to the latest EU mission standard Euro 6.

A tram design has not yet been chosen but it will be articulated with each “bus” having at least 2 sections.

There will be low floors and step-free easy access similar to the Metro tram.

A conductor and/or ticket machines will be present because of multiple doors.

Onboard there will be CCTV and Wifi.

Passengers will be provided with real-time information and next-stop announcements.

The Journey:

Dedicated lanes and traffic light priority should make for largely uninterrupted travel.

Limited stops should also reduce journey times.

The Benefits:

Fast journey times should encourage transfer from car to Sprint.

Resultant lower congestion should benefit all road users.

Give Your Views:

You can help by describing your current usage of the Birmingham/Quinton route and giving your opinions on the Sprint initiative by filling in the online questionnaire.

One thought on ““Sprint” News 12 August 2014

  1. keithbracey

    Reblogged this on keithbracey and commented:
    Sprint is a “sexed-up” trolleybus in my opinion……why not really #Be Green and create cycle lanes along the wide Hagley Road pavements while CENTRO are building SPRINT…….I for one would use them from Bearwood into the City Centre…….

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