New Metro Trams on Snow Hill to Wolverhampton

Approaching a station.September 5, 2014 Four new Metro trams were put into service today on the Snow Hill / Wolverhampton line. I think they are a great success!

The new trams have been well tried in several places in Europe so should be a reliable and very acceptable mode of transport. They are longer  and wider inside than those they replace. They also have a flat floor pan and larger windows which adds to the feeling of openness and spaciousness.

Trying them out today, I found them quieter, smoother and faster – a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. There were enthusiastic conversations amongst passengers about the new trams and many photographers were gathered along the line to record the inauguration.

The new trams will have one or two conductors on board and you can buy tickets from them.

Why not give the trams a try and your car a rest? I recommend them!

As a reminder. the main conurbations along the route are Snow Hill, Sandwell, West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Bilston, and Wolverhampton. The full route has 23 stops and is 20km long. There’s a tram every 6-8 minutes during popular hours and at most every 15 minutes at other times. The trip takes 35 minutes in either direction.

The extension of the line to New Street Station is well underway and is scheduled for completion in the middle of 2015 when the redeveloped New Street Station, Gateway Shopping Centre and John Lewis superstore open.

Below is a gallery of my photos taken today.

Article by Geoff Caine

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