Our Local Police

Birmingham PoliceThere is a new page on this website devoted to our Local Police Team…something you must see!

This an eye opening revelation…!

A certain mystique surrounds our Local Police Team who are essential to our well-being, I mean us the Residents of Birmingham City Centre.

So, our new page dispells the  mists and tells you:

◊   who the Police Team are.
◊   what they do.
◊   how you can help them – to keep us safe and living peacefully!

And more…Coming shortly is a new communication method – an online webchat.

With this anyone can discuss thingss with our City Centre Policing Team Inspector, Stuart Bill.
Stuart has now completed his night duties around the city and is on a family holiday.
On return he will sort out the times and method of entering into a webchat.
The new web page will be then be updated with this and a further news item posted to let you know.

Meanwhile please visit the new page from here or click on the Arrow Local Policelabel  in the website header. I’m sure you’ll find it enlightening, interesting and very useful.

Geoff Caine

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