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_WMP0526-lNews about contacting the Police and how comprehensively they record crimes for statistical and target purposes.

WM Police are the national leaders  at crime recording

Nationally, nearly a million crimes a year are not being recorded and are thus not included in official figures,  the police watchdog has disclosed.

A table of statistics for the period November 2012 to October 2013 show that the West Midlands Police came out top recording over 98% of crimes, whereas the National average was 80%.

81% were recorded by both the Metropolitan and Greater Manchester police forces.

These three forces deal with the most cases of crimes by far.

Altogether a million crimes were not recorded, that’s one in five!

Read the article by the Telegraph for more details and the statistics table.

WM Police are to reflect the population’s preferences and reduce the number of front offices

During the last 12 months, West Midlands Police has been reviewing the future of front offices – where the public can walk in and talk to someone fronting the Police network.

An independent research company interviewed over 7000 people about their prefered method for contacting the Police. In addition, the number of users of the 41 front offices in the region was monitored.

The cost per transaction (walk-in) in front offices ranged from £61 when staffed by Police personnel to just over £1 when staffed by volunteers, the overall average being £20.41. It was apparent that such transactions did not offer the same value for money as servicing phone calls and this can well be attributed to lack of use by the public.

As a consequence of this research, a decision has been taken to focus on the way people want to contact the Police. This means that 27 of the 41 front offices can close and this will happen over the next twelve months. Every effort will be made to redeploy staff to where they are most needed in the community.

You can read details of this and see which front offices will be closed or remain open by viewing the report  Contacting the Police in the West Midlands.

Also, the page Local Police… Read about our team on this website clearly gives the various ways of contacting our local Police.

Article by Geoff Caine

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