District Energy Scheme – Revised Work Schedules

Birmingham District Energy Company (BDEC) have revised their schedule of work on the Birmingham District Energy Scheme in New Street during January to May 2015.

[What is the Birmingham District Energy Scheme?]

Work will commence in Phase 9 – the site of the now removed Tourist Information Centre and progress towards the Burlington Arcade, then progress from the Burlington Arcade to Temple Street.

It will then proceed to the Piccadilly Arcade, where a crossing point will be installed, before moving towards Bennett’s Hill and work completed on the section outside Ask Italia joining with the pipe work installed during last summer.

Programme dates are:

  1. Tourist Information Centre to Temple Street – 12th January to 27th February (includes a cross over at Burlington Arcade)
  2. Temple Street to Piccadilly Arcade – 2nd March to 18th March
  3. Piccadilly Arcade to Bennett’s Hill – 18th March to 2nd April
  4. Area outside Ask Italia in New Street – 7th April to 11th May

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