District Energy Scheme – Further Details

We have obtained a new brochure from BDEC¹ with more details of the revised work schedules we published on 2 December.

[What is the Birmingham District Energy Scheme?]

Phase 9 works in New Street are part of the interconnection of a new CHP Engine² – to be installed in New Street Station during 2015 – to existing ones at Broad Street and Aston University.

To summarise, programme dates are:

  1. Tourist Information Centre to Temple Street – 12th January to 27th February
  2. Temple Street to Piccadilly Arcade – 2nd March to 18th March
  3. Piccadilly Arcade to Bennett’s Hill – 18th March to 2nd April
  4. Area outside Ask Italia in New Street – 7th April to 11th May

To read about the details with descriptions of the work and street diagrams download the brochure.

Further work will also continue at  Chamberlain Square outside the Council House and High Street opposite the Pavilions.

Geoff Caine


¹BDEC – Birmingham District Energy Company

²CHP Engine – Combined Heat and Power system uses the heat by-product of electricity generation to provide heating, chilled water (using a technique termed Absorption Refrigeration) for air conditioning  and hot water.

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