Paradise Build Starts in January

The transformation of Paradise Circus between Broad Street and the Town Hall starts in January. A website of artist’s impressions and timescales is now online.

(Image: Artist’s Impression of a future Chamberlain Square.
By kind permission of Paradise Circus Limited Partnership.)

The existing Paradise Circus, completed in 1975, is soon to be demolished and work started on a £500m multi-use development to be called “Paradise”. The ring of roads around the current buildings will be no more, hence the dropping of “circus” from its name.

The development is by joint venture company, Paradise Circus Limited Partnership (PCLP), a partnership between Birmingham City Council and BT Pension Scheme, managed by Hermes Real Estate with Argent as development manager.

Details of the development with artist’s impressions of what it will look like and what Phase 1 will consist of are available on the website

Obviously there will be major demolition and services works ahead of the actual construction and how this will affect bus users and car drivers from 5 January can be found here. You can view and also download maps showing how bus and car routes are affected.

Geoff Caine