Paradise Development Update 17 March 2015

Paradise Circus Square 2 smallArgent, the company managing the development of Paradise, has updated its ParadiseBirmingham website and made some announcements about progress and future activities.
Image – Artist’s Impression of Chamberlain Square after redevelopment, courtesy of Argent.

The Paradise development will eventually replace the whole of the buildings within the current Paradise Circus at the city end of Broad Street.

The website pages now give a great deal of information about the development and as detailed planning is still fluid it will be worth visiting from time to time to see how things are shaping up.

The Vision page describes the future transformation of the Central Library (dating back to 1973) and other buildings in the current Paradise Circus into a vibrant mixed area of commercial, civic, retail, leisure and hotel spaces with improved public realm areas, pedestrian routes, and vistas.

Phase One page includes an overview with images of two important new buildings, the public realm areas around them and the changes to pedestrian and traffic routes. The company has announced its intention to build 330,000 sq ft of speculative office space in the new buildings to help fill the current shortage regularly reported by some experts in this field. This was presented to the world-wide real estate show MIPIM in Cannes, France, on 12 March.

The buildings – known as One and Two Chamberlain Square – will approximately occupy the same space on the ground  as the current Central Library and will be of high quality, especially number One which will have an irregular shaped footprint and be faced on all sides and hence not have a back.

Timeline page covers events during the whole development which extends to 2025 in three phases.

The public are to be invited to an exhibition on the first two buildings designed by architects Glenn Howells and Eric Parry Architects to be held after Easter. For the first time, the public will be able to see the proposed design of both buildings before a detailed planning application is submitted.

Access Update page gives advice on works on traffic route changes prior to commencement of demolition and enabling work. This is currently in Sand Pits and Summer Row adjacent to the north-west side of Paradise Circus. Below are some photos of the road works taken this week.

Article by: Geoff Caine

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