Stone steps down to the towpath

Towpath Steps Completed by Barclaycard Arena

Stone steps down to the towpathA last the stone steps and seating that lead down to the canal towpath from the new frontage of the arena are finished!

The new steps have been relaid several times to my knowledge, I can’t imagine why. It’s taken many months to construct them and the completion and opening took place on 1 April, that’s 4 months since the refurbished and re-branded (from NIA) arena opened on 2 December with a Michael Bublé concert.

Just in time for the sunny Easter weather (fingers crossed), I applaud this addition to the very smart new facade of the arena.

The steps face SSE with an open aspect so, on a fine day, they should be bathed in sunlight for many hours. For many, sitting in the sun is a joy and so I would expect the steps to quickly become a favourite place to enjoy a picnic of tapas or a burger from the cafés at the top of the steps.

I imagine the steps have been created to attract event visitors to return for more. Be that as it may, they are also a very welcome addition for city centre locals.

I don’t think that Birmingham developers use our great hereditary canal asset as much as they could, so this new feature is a step in the right direction. Couple this with the re-opening of the enhanced canal side Fiddle & Bone pub just 100 metres to the west and the area should become a mega attraction for locals, boaters and visitors to the city alike.

Article by Geoff Caine


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One thought on “Towpath Steps Completed by Barclaycard Arena

  1. Margaret Lister

    Yes we passed them the other day & wondered why they weren’t finished. They look great now

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