District Energy Scheme – Update Newsletter 20

IMG_4852Scheme developer Cofely – Energy Services has released another Newsletters about the city centre works.

[What is the Birmingham District Energy Scheme?]

Newsletter 20 describes the recent work completed at Lower Temple Street and the plans for the installation of heating pipes between Temple Street and Bennett’s Hill to start after the Pride Event on Tuesday 26th May 2015.

For the record – Previous recent information, not yet published, received from David Martin, Projects Manager:

On 13 May: Following on from our message yesterday we will now be stopping work at 21:00 hrs. And we will not be working through the night.

This is satisfy requests from stakeholders within the area.

On 12 May: We are planning to install several pipes across the junction of lower Temple Street with New Street on Wednesday Evening 13th May 2015, our operations will commence at 20:00 hrs and be complete by 06:00 hrs Thursday morning.

Our operation will involve lifting the heavy metal road plates that cover the trench in order in install the pipes, the pipes will then be welded in place and the plates replaced.

We are not expecting to do any excavating so noise will be kept to a minimum and should not become an issue, however there will be some disruption to the movements of pedestrians and deliveries in the area of Lower Temple Street and New Street.

We need to install the pipes so that some reinstatement can be completed to accommodate the Pride event on Saturday 23rd May, and have chosen this time period so that the effect on pedestrian movements from New Street station will be kept to a minimum.

Geoff Caine

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