District Energy Scheme – Update Newsletters 21 – 24

IMG_4852Scheme developer Cofely – Energy Services has released four Newsletters about the city centre works.

[What is the Birmingham District Energy Scheme?]

Narratives by David Martin – Projects Manager.

Newsletter 21

“Explains that we will be commencing works in Dale after the May Bank holiday on Tuesday 26th May”

Newsletter 22

“We will be doing a letter drop today to stake holders which informs you about the opening the exit of Cannon Street in to New Street.

The traffic will be able to exit into New Street and proceed to the junction of Temple Street and exit at that point. There will be a marshal in place 6:00am to 6:00pm to guide traffic past our works in New Street, most of the traffic will exit by Temple Street until we have completed our works between Bennett’s Hill and Temple Street.

This work should be complete by end of June and we will then reinstate the temporary works we are installing today to the final block paving surface. When this block laying is being under taken there will be no access to exit New Street into either Temple Street or Bennett’s Hill between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm this is so we can provide a safe work area for our operatives laying the paving blocks, and complies with the Traffic Order that normally covers Cannon Street.”

News Letter 023

“We will have to relocate the crossing point into Piccadilly Arcade this week. To do this we have to close the current crossing point – excavate the trench, then install the crossing plates and reopen the crossing point it should take a couple of days.

Apologies if the noise from the breaking out is a nuisance but we have to break through the concrete in order to excavate the trench.”

Newsletter 24

“We have attached our news letter for June to update you on works we are doing in High Street, we can only apologise for the delay the works are taking but owing to a problem with a water main in the area we have had to redesign the expansion of this phase and that has resulted in acquiring specialist equipment from Sweden to allow the expansion of the pipes to take place and at the same time keep access for vehicles delivering in High Street and New Street.

A lot of the excavation was around an existing gas main where we have had to install our pipes below the gas main without disturbing it.”

Geoff Caine

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