District Energy Scheme – Update and Newsletter 26

IMG_4852Scheme developer Cofely – Energy Services has released news of some emergency work and Newsletter 26 about the city centre works.

[What is the Birmingham District Energy Scheme?]

UPDATE: Please see the updates on this by David Martin, Projects Manager in the comments below.

Emergency Electrical Works by David Martin – Projects Manager.

“There was an issue with an electrical cable on Sunday 14th June. We had exposed the cable the previous week but it failed and exploded on Sunday morning.

The cable has been made safe but a new cable will have to be installed so that Western Power have a ‘circuit’ that can be used if it should fail elsewhere within the system.

We have met with Western Power and Birmingham City Highways to discuss the EMERGENCY WORKS that will have to take place to reinstate the electrical circuit.

In order to speed up the cabling works we will assist Western power with the installation of ducting across New Street from the corner of Moss Bros to Thomson’s on opposite side of New Street, this can be accomplished by using our traffic management in the area. This Emergency Work will include some evening works in order to complete the duct crossing to allow cable works to take place on the evening of Thursday 18th June, when the final two excavations will be completed by Western Power to allow jointing of a new cable, which will reinstate the electrical circuit and complete the Emergency Works.

Without the cabling works being completed there is a risk of electrical supply being lost to a significant number of properties in the area, hence the need for the Emergency Works.”


Newsletter 26  describes the final works in New Street between Victoria Square and New Street Station. Geoff Caine

3 thoughts on “District Energy Scheme – Update and Newsletter 26

  1. David Martin Post author

    Update by David Martin, Projects Manager, on 19 June:

    Western Power attended site again last night to reconnect a street lighting cable. They have now completed their Emergency Works and we are reinstating the block work in the area to allow New Street to be reopened to traffic, which will require to be marshalled until our trench has been fully reinstated.

    We hope to have the reinstatement completed today.

    Thank you for your patience while these works were under taken.

  2. Geoff Caine Post author

    Update by David Martin, Projects Manager, on 18 June:
    We can confirm that Western Power made the electric connection last night and the security of supply has been returned to the area. However there was another small cable connection required after the section of the old main was abandoned and replaced with the new length of cable. We are waiting for confirmation the connection has been done in order to reinstate the footpath outside Thomson’s on the corner of Lower Temple Street and New Street.

    We are pressing on with the road crossing and this will be concreted today to allow the block paving to be laid tomorrow, allowing some normality to return to New Street by the weekend.

    We can confirm that our pipes have now been completed between Victoria Square and the entrance to New Street Station, final welding and insulation taking place this afternoon. The main will be slowly filled over the weekend for testing and flushing purposes (it will take approx 62,000 litres to fill)

    The team will start to reinstate the trench between Bennett’s Hill and Temple Street next week planning to be complete by the end of the month.

    Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience the Emergency Work that Western Power have under taken and the disruption this has caused to the area.

  3. Geoff Caine Post author

    Update by David Martin, Projects Manager, on 17 June:
    “The Emergency Electrical works that were carried out on 16th June, were not completed as planned.

    Our sub-contractor could not complete the duct crossing of New Street owing to the number of other utility services and unforeseen obstructions in the footpath on the corner of New Street and Temple Street.

    We have met with Western Power /Morgan Sindall on site this morning and we will now extend our 4 way ducts as far as possible in to the footpath outside Moss Bros, so that there is a duct crossing in New Street to allow the problem to be resolved at a later date.

    In order to protect the supply in the area Western Power will now replace a section of the cable providing we can expose a suitable length of the existing ducting and they will make two cable joint repairs this evening. The new ducts will be laid in the trench and commence reinstatement which will allow the road to be reopened.

    Again we apologise for the inconvenience these Emergency Works are causing.

    On a positive note we hope to complete the installation of our heating pipes in the next two days which will allow reinstatement of the trench to be completed and the removal of the temp works and barriers. “

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