Paradise Circus Access Update 21 June 2015

View over the start of Parade.More changes to traffic  routes come into effect on Sunday 21 June.

The main restriction is a reduction to a single lane from Paradise Circus along the A38 between Suffolk Street Queensway / Severn Street and Newhall Street. This is explained clearly below . (Illustrations downloaded courtesy of Paradise Birmingham Рfrom


paradise-great-charles-st-20150615 page 2



Geoff Caine

One thought on “Paradise Circus Access Update 21 June 2015

  1. C. Matthews

    Irrespective of the disruption caused by this scheme, which we must hope leads to eventual improvements in traffic flow, road travel in Birmingham is becoming worse, almost daily. How about a system of ‘Brum Bikes’, maybe starting along our canal system? Many people, who wouldn’t wish to hazard bicycle travel by road, would welcome the opportunity to cycle around the City without the worry of getting a bike to the canal, or where to park it at journey’s end. Whilst we have the present road chaos, this might be an ideal time to trial this idea. Who knows? – we could rival Boris!

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