Post Events Traffic Management

Barclaycard Arena near Brindley PlaceAn update on the successful trial of a traffic management scheme to reduce exit time from car parks after major events in the area.

John McDermott, a Director of the Westside BID, writes:

“As you know from a previous report on the Website, we have been working, through the Westside BID, to put in place traffic management arrangements for visitors leaving evening events at the Barclaycard Arena and other city centre venues. The impetus for this initiative is the roadworks related to the Paradise development. However, my aim is to see a long-term plan to take us through the changes to Broad Street, the introduction of the tram and eventually the ongoing management of late night traffic for the benefit of residents.

So far, there have been two successful trials which have ensured that all the local car parks have been cleared within 45 minutes of the end of an evening event. The next big events are on the weekends of 18/19 and 25/26 Sept. There will be a traffic management plan in place on both evenings. The costs of these schemes will be borne by the venues and management will be through the Highways Department.

There is now a working group managing these occasions and an acceptance of the need for this kind of plan for all major events.”


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